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Vehicle Leasing

Product Definition

Would you spend an hour to learn about our offer that could transform your decision? Our full service leasing contracts offer a comprehensive suite of tailored services to match with your exact needs.

Discover how SEB can optimize the management of your fleet and support your business development

With a full service leasing contract, you will be able to concentrate on your main activity while SEB will take care of your vehicle including insurance and registration and you will have the opportunity to own the car at the end of contract with a very low price comparing with the market value

Client has the opportunity to buy the vehicle at the end of the contract either himself, one of his family or one of his employees …etc

THE VEHICLE is managed by SEB from delivery to resale

Collateral & Securities

Client has to pay 15% of the negotiated purchase price as a security deposit to be refunded at the end of contract, there is some sort of penalty or extra charge that is applied if you miss the regular maintenance as per the manufacturers’ instructions.
The monthly lease payment amount includes full coverage insurance and registration. That means: SEB will provide the client a fixed monthly payment including registration (License), renewal and full coverage insurance.