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Retail Banking

Vehicle Leasing

Product Definition

Would you spend an hour to learn about our offer that could transform your decision? Our full service leasing contracts offer a comprehensive suite of tailored services to match with your exact needs.

Discover how SEB can optimize the management of your fleet and support your business development

With a full service leasing contract, you will be able to concentrate on your main activity while SEB will take care of your vehicle including insurance and registration and you will have the opportunity to own the car at the end of contract with a very low price comparing with the market value

Client has the opportunity to buy the vehicle at the end of the contract either himself, one of his family or one of his employees …etc

THE VEHICLE is managed by SEB from delivery to resale

Collateral & Securities

Client has to pay 15% of the negotiated purchase price as a security deposit to be refunded at the end of contract, there is some sort of penalty or extra charge that is applied if you miss the regular maintenance as per the manufacturers’ instructions.
The monthly lease payment amount includes full coverage insurance and registration. That means: SEB will provide the client a fixed monthly payment including registration (License), renewal and full coverage insurance.

Islamic Personal Finance

Client needs. We’ll pay!*

Sudanese Egyptian Bank introduces The Islamic Personal Finance scheme to meet with all our client financial needs.

With The Islamic Personal Finance, the client can buy and acquire a variety of goods and services from us, at the most competitive profit rates available in the market comparing with vendors.
The product structure is based on Islamic financing principles of Murabaha (for goods and services), under which the bank will purchase the goods and acquire the services from vendors for onward sale to client on easy and affordable payment installments at most competitive prices.

*Bank will pay the service/goods provider*

Goods Supported by the Islamic Personal Finance:

  • Furniture,
  • Construction material,
  • Electronics,
  • Equipment, Machinery and Tools,
  • Personal Computers

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Salary transfer is required.
  2. Murabaha term is 6 months and could reach 24-month.
  3. Customer shall pay 25% of the goods value.
  4. Free account opening fee, and ATM card issuance fee.
  5. Profit rate = 9.90%, 10.02%, 10.63% per year depending on the Murabaha period and that rate is applied on financed amount after deduction of the down payment.

Car Murabaha


Vehicles Murabaha should be in local currency and followed that the client has a current account with one of the branches for paying the due installment through this account.

Product definition:

  • Murabaha term up to 36 months and could reach 60-month
  • Customer shall pay 40% of the car value in advance according to the central bank of Sudan instructions, and the remaining will be as installments on monthly basis in equal to the end of Murabaha period.
  • Allows for individual and corporate clients.
  • Free account opening fee, free statement fee, and the ATM card free of charge for individual.
  • Profit rates is calculated as follows:
    • Transfer of the salary rate will be 7.68% based on the financed amount.
    • Without diverting the salary it will be 8.86% based on the financed amount.

Payroll Services

SEB is honored to have you as a client by offering you the below mentioned offers for retail banking services and it covers the following:

Payroll Services:

SEB will take the responsibility to pay the monthly salaries (Bonus, increments…) of your employees as per the amounts stated and on the due date set by your company. All payments are done automatically by debiting the company's account and crediting the employees' accounts with SEB Branches.

SEB offers your organization the Payroll Service, to deliver the highest standard of financial services to your company employees. We present a wide variety of Retail Banking products and services tailored to meet your needs.

Your organization will no longer bear the risk of moving large sums of cash, and can save the hassle associated as well as the resources needed for Payroll Management.


Benefits to the Organization:

  • Service is free of charge
  • Eliminates the burden of administrative work in terms of time and effort
  • Avoids unnecessary costs related to counting salaries and transmitting them
  • Reduces all risks related to handling large amounts of cash and relevant insurance
  • Reduces the probability of error in dispatching exact salary amounts to each employee
  • Simplified formalities for opening current accounts
  • Bank officers will be available to open your employees accounts within your premises


Benefits to the Organization's Employees:

  • Current Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Time Deposits
  • Investment daily accounts which calculate interest on daily basis
  • Car Leasing
  • Islamic Personal Finance
  • Car Loans
  • Electronic Debit Card
  • Banc-assurance Products

Islamic Saving Accounts

That savings account with a monthly return.

It is an account that has tempting profit rates with a yearly profit 8.40% but distributed monthly, with the possibility of depositing or withdrawing at any time and also an ATM card will be issued.

This account authorizes the bank to invest the funds deposited by the clients. Profits are shared between the investor (the client) and the bank.

The profit is shared based on the lowest monthly balance and according to a percentage declared by the bank at the end of each year and the account holders can deposit and withdrawal money at any time from their accounts. Through the profit-share dividend facility Islamic has emerged as the highest-earning savings account available.

Investment Daily Accounts

  • Its accounts that has profit and its opened with the local currency.
  • Capability of calculating the profit for the accounts with a minimum balance of SDG 1000 to calculate the to calculate the daily return.
  • It's an account with a yearly profit 6.00% which is calculated daily on the closing balance of each single day but distributed monthly and added to your current account at the last day of each month.
  • The Possibility of depositing or withdrawing at any time and also an ATM card will be issued free of issuing fee for individual clients.
  • Minimum to open account as follows:
    • For Individual 3,000 Sudanese pounds
    • For Companies 5,000 Sudanese pounds

Normal Current Accounts

  • No minimum balance if salary is transferred to SEB
  • Check book issuance
  • Transfers worldwide
  • Statements as per request
  • In all major currencies
  • Free ATM card

Time Deposits

With SEB Time Deposit, enjoy a wide range of benefits and banking services were you can place your funds in local or foreign currencies for a fixed period, and earn a special return.

Periods of investment that starts from 3 months until a full year.

Duration 3 Months 6 Months One Year
Latest distribution at a profit rate of 7.00% per year 7.50% per year 8.00% per year