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Islamic Personal Finance

Client needs. We’ll pay!*

Sudanese Egyptian Bank introduces The Islamic Personal Finance scheme to meet with all our client financial needs.

With The Islamic Personal Finance, the client can buy and acquire a variety of goods and services from us, at the most competitive profit rates available in the market comparing with vendors.
The product structure is based on Islamic financing principles of Murabaha (for goods and services), under which the bank will purchase the goods and acquire the services from vendors for onward sale to client on easy and affordable payment installments at most competitive prices.

*Bank will pay the service/goods provider*

Goods Supported by the Islamic Personal Finance:

  • Furniture,
  • Construction material,
  • Electronics,
  • Equipment, Machinery and Tools,
  • Personal Computers

Terms and Conditions:

  1. Salary transfer is required.
  2. Murabaha term is 6 months and could reach 24-month.
  3. Customer shall pay 25% of the goods value.
  4. Free account opening fee, and ATM card issuance fee.
  5. Profit rate = 9.90%, 10.02%, 10.63% per year depending on the Murabaha period and that rate is applied on financed amount after deduction of the down payment.