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Payroll Services

SEB is honored to have you as a client by offering you the below mentioned offers for retail banking services and it covers the following:

Payroll Services:

SEB will take the responsibility to pay the monthly salaries (Bonus, increments…) of your employees as per the amounts stated and on the due date set by your company. All payments are done automatically by debiting the company's account and crediting the employees' accounts with SEB Branches.

SEB offers your organization the Payroll Service, to deliver the highest standard of financial services to your company employees. We present a wide variety of Retail Banking products and services tailored to meet your needs.

Your organization will no longer bear the risk of moving large sums of cash, and can save the hassle associated as well as the resources needed for Payroll Management.


Benefits to the Organization:

  • Service is free of charge
  • Eliminates the burden of administrative work in terms of time and effort
  • Avoids unnecessary costs related to counting salaries and transmitting them
  • Reduces all risks related to handling large amounts of cash and relevant insurance
  • Reduces the probability of error in dispatching exact salary amounts to each employee
  • Simplified formalities for opening current accounts
  • Bank officers will be available to open your employees accounts within your premises


Benefits to the Organization's Employees:

  • Current Accounts
  • Savings Accounts
  • Time Deposits
  • Investment daily accounts which calculate interest on daily basis
  • Car Leasing
  • Islamic Personal Finance
  • Car Loans
  • Electronic Debit Card
  • Banc-assurance Products