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Education Finance

Education funding is a product provided by the Bank to meet the needs of individuals for all educational levels. it is starting from the basic stage until the university stage, and after the university for professional degrees. The service works on two tracks: the educational institutions track and the individuals track. Funding is guided by lease an Islamically licensed formula. It is not in conflict with controls and publications of the Central Bank.

Target Segments :
  1. Individuals who work for private & public entities or first-degree relatives.
  2. Individuals with income from freelance professions or first-degree relatives.
  3. Business owns or first-degree relatives.
Documents Required for Employees:
  1. An initial statement of the fees value from institute, school, university, academy, center.
  2. Certificate of Registration for the academic stage.
  3. Salary Certificate (public and private sectors) on headed paper, officially signed, sealed and stamped. Data showing
    1. Job title
    2. Date of Employment
    3. Total salary and net income after periodic deductions.
  4. Identity proof: national card, car Driving License.
  5. Permanent Residence Certificate.
  6. Two recent personal photos.
Required documents for professional individuals
  1. An initial statement of the fees value from institute, school, university, academy, center.
  2. Certificate of Registration for the academic stage.
  3. All identification documents for the name and registering a business or profession.
  4. Bank Account Statement for the last three months, if any.
  5. Permanent Residence Certificate.
  6. Two recent personal photos.


Micro-Finance is any in-kind or service financing granted to an individual or group of individuals in solidarity to help them produce and provide services whose income comes from the proceeds of their sale. Productive projects with preferential advantages are priority in financing.

Target Groups :

Micro-Finance targets clients of all agricultural & livestock activities, trade and services. It also targets economically active crafts. The crafts client must have monthly incomes below twice the minimum wage, must have productive assets not exceeding 10 thousand pounds, and does not benefit from official sources of funding.

Areas of Micro-Finance :
  1. Micro-Finance is often consisted of small loans for working capital in the following areas:
  2. Agricultural: small projects namely agricultural gardens, agricultural cooperative societies, agricultural greenhouses, etc.
  3. Animal: poultry farming, fish farming, livestock breeding.
  4. Industrial: small oil factories, soap factories, metal workshops and car maintenance, etc.
  5. Service: various types of services.
Conditions for granting Micro-Finance:
  1. That the project is permitted according to the Central Bank regulations.
  2. Submit an application signed by the customer, including the address in detail and his phone numbers
  3. Complete the demographic data form for the Central Bank.
  4. A simplified feasibility study; productive projects are preferred.
  5. Performa Invoice for the value of the good or services. Owner of the Performa Invoice should produce final invoices stamped with tax stamps. For goods that by nature do not have invoices, the transaction can be documented with a contract from a lawyer.
  6. Total salary and clarification of net income after deducting periodic deductions.
  7. A Residence certificate sealed and signed by the Change and Services Committee for the purpose of micro-finance.
  8. Recent passport size photos.
  9. Copy of a valid Identity Card and copy of the National Card.
  10. Certificate of practicing commercial activity, a lease contract or a copy of the server certificate from the Change and Services Committee confirming the existence of the project.
  11. Inquire about the customer at the Central Bank of Sudan.
  12. Bring a certificate of annual income in the case of employees and a written commitment from the employer to pay any amount that the financier cannot pay from his dues in case he leaves work or for any other reasons.
  13. The applicant must have a current account in the Bank.
Funding Amount :
  • The maximum financing amount is (100,000) pounds plus insurance expenses or any other expenses for the following sectors:
    • Agricultural sector, with its two parts, plant and animal.
    • Industrial sector: small industries and craftsmen.
    • Graduate projects segment.
  • The amount of funding for other sectors not mentioned in the previous paragraph is (50,000) pounds plus insurance expenses or any other expenses.
  1. Personal guarantee: Bring a reliable guarantor of financial ability acceptable to the Bank. He should come to the Bank and sign a document in front of the bank security staff and submit a check equivalent to the commitment. The Bank needs to inquire about the guarantor for an amount up to fifty thousand pounds.
  2. Guarantee of the employing agency: Bring a salary transfer certificate from the entity in which the employee works to the Bank and the employer undertakes in writing to pay any amount that the employee or worker is unable to pay from his entitlements in case he leaves work or for any other reasons.
  3. In case the amount exceeds fifty thousand pounds, a guarantee of a real estate or car mortgage is required.

Small Finance

Small Finance is the financing granted individually or collectively to finance a project or activity whose size exceeds the ceiling of Micro-finance and does not exceed an amount of one million five hundred thousand pounds for a single transaction or as determined by the Central Bank of Sudan.

Conditions for Granting Small Finance Funding
  1. Micro-finance is granted to owners of existing projects, emerging enterprises, youth & women entrepreneurs, and owners of economic initiatives, whether through economic or individual entities.
  2. These projects must be registered according to the laws of each facility.
  3. The extent and amount of financing shall be according to the type of project and the type of activity.
  4. Medium or long-term financing may be provided for small projects.
  5. Working on financing value chains in small enterprises and productive sectors, with a focus on the agricultural sector. Value chains can be defined as the activities necessary for the product to move from the production stage to the final consumer. In the agricultural sector, value chains can be defined as a group of activities that interfere in the manufacture and transfer of the product from the farm to the dining table.

Personal Finance

Personal Finance is a customized product to meet all the customer's in-kind needs. Through it, the customer can, via installments to the bank, purchase and possess a variety of goods and services provided by the market. Financing is based on profit rates that are the most competitive in the market compared to sellers.

Group of Goods and Services for Personal Finance:
  1. Furniture
  2. Electronics
  3. Equipment, machines, tools
  4. Computers
  5. Any other goods and materials/services permitted by the Central Bank's policies.
Conditions of Personal Finance:

Eligibility to apply: It is required that the age of the applicant for funding is not less than 21 years and that his calculated age up to the end of the funding period is not more than 68 years.

    Employed or Retired Person:
  1. A valid personal identification document (passport or national identity card)
  2. Residence Certification and two personal photographs
  3. Performa Invoice addressed to the Egyptian Sudanese Bank
Business Owners, Professionals or Employees, Pensioners Without Salary or Pension Transfer:
  1. A valid personal identification document (passport or national identity card)
  2. Residence Certificate and two personal photos
  3. Business Name, Registration Certificate, Certificate of Incorporation, Company Registration Certificate
  4. Traders present the original valid Trade License or Registration Certificate issued by the Chamber of Commerce
  5. Certificate of professional activity and name, and a certificate from authorities for professionals.
  6. Performa Invoice addressed to the Egyptian Sudanese Bank.
  7. A check equivalent to the entire financing amount in addition to monthly checks in the number of installments of the financing amount, with the customer signing on the Bank's authorization to fill in the check data.

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