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Point of Sale Service

POS is a service allows holders of bank cards and e- wallets to pay their purchases from their bank and non-bank accounts. Transactions are done via points of sale operations.

Service is an electronic payment system enabling customers to pay for their purchases using the ATM card.

The system transfers the purchase amount (peripherally) from the customer's account with any bank to the account of the point of sale. Both accounts should belong to a Sudanese bank or an electronic wallet. It is an outlet to receive the value by deducting the amount from the buyer's account and adding it to the seller's account. The transaction is done using an ATM card or another approved card such as an electronic wallet card.

Points of sale machines are equipped with special technology designed to provide automated services to customers of shops and various service institutions. The point of sale machine is directly linked with the merchant’s account at the Bank. The amounts are obtained through the point of sale.

To request the service, a current account must be opened at any branch of the Sudanese Egyptian Bank, and a contract agreement signed to operate the machine.

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