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The Sudanese Egyptian Bank was established to facilitate commercial activities and integration between Egypt and Sudan. The Bank operates under Islamic banking agreements.

However, the Bank offers complete banking solutions to both corporate and individual clients. The Bank helps with this through a large chain of correspondents in Egypt, Europe and the Middle East.

The Sudanese Egyptian Bank deals in various banking products such as:

  1. Letters of credit
  2. Letters of guarantee
  3. Current accounts
  4. Savings accounts
  5. Investment accounts
  6. Fixed deposits
  7. Internal and external transfers

In the short time it began operations in Sudan, the Egyptian Sudanese Bank has opened 8 branches in the country.

The Bank has a very ambitious goal in opening a number of branches in accordance with the strategic plan approved by the management. The fulfilment of our goal is guaranteed, thanks to our highly qualified and experienced employees.

Taking advantage of the transformation in the Sudanese economy and oil discoveries, the Bank began active participation in the development of the economy. Make no mistake, we are keen to meet the needs of Sudan and the welfare of our customers.

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