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Treasury & Capital Markets

The Sudanese Egyptian Bank is a leading value-added treasury service provider. Our dealers have working experience from the central chamber in Khartoum. Dealers provide continuous coverage of global markets for our customers.

The treasury department of the Sudanese Egyptian Bank has gained the confidence of customers all over Sudan. It is well- known for finding the right tools to invest clients' capital. The department is also known for its excellent relationships with large corporations and financial & government institutions. The Sudanese Egyptian Bank is active in corporate treasury management.

The following list highlights services in this area:

  1. Foreign currency

  2. Hedge against fluctuations in foreign exchange rates by offering preferential rates

  3. We strive to deliver punctual solutions to fulfill corporate clients' obligations in a timely manner.

  4. Providing advisory solutions to investors within the limits of the provisions of Islamic Sharia

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