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Customs Payment Service

The Sudanese Egyptian Bank provides customs payment services through a smart partnership with the Customs Authority. This partnership makes it easier for merchants to pay and facilitate transactions ...

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Payroll Services

The Sudanese Egyptian Bank provides salary payment service. The bank is responsible for paying the monthly salaries of corporate employees, as per the instructions of the company or business ...

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Point Of Sale Services

POS is a service allows holders of bank cards and e- wallets to pay their purchases from their bank and non-bank accounts. Transactions are done via points of sale operations Service is an electronic ....

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Foreign Currencies Against SDG
Currency Buy Sell
USD 441.0000 444.3075
EUR 525.4956 529.4368
JPY 3.9863 4.0162
GBP 614.0043 618.6093
CHF 480.5492 484.1533
SAR 117.5969 118.4788
AED 120.0719 120.9724

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