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Ownership Structure

The Sudanese Egyptian Bank was initially established in August 2005 as a subsidiary of Piraeus Bank Egypt. In June 2006, Piraeus Bank sold its shares to Capella Investment Management Company and Lotus Investment Management Company, both companies are registered in the British Virgin Island. These tow companies are owned by Al-Galaa Capital Egypt and a major investment group from the United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi.

Al-Galaa Capital owns investments throughout the Arab world, including cement, fertilizer, oil and financial industries, with a capital investment of more than US $ 5 billion.

Al-Galaa is a major investor in Sudan.

In the year 2014, Al-Tadamun Bank purchased 70% of the Sudanese Egyptian Bank.

Ownership Structure

Tadamon Islamic Bank

Mohammad El-Fatih Hassan

Midi Trading Company

International Group for Trading & Investment

Quadra Investment & Services Co.Ltd

Capital Structure

The Sudanese Egyptian Bank is currently in the process of increasing its capital.

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