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Current Accounts

The current account is an account on which daily cash deposits are made, where it is permissible to deposit and withdraw cash amounts from it without prior notice.

Current Account Advantages:
  1. Available in Sudanese pounds, and in foreign currencies (dollars, riyals, dirhams, euros and other currencies).
  2. Use check Books or ATM cards.
  3. Available to individuals.
  4. Available for companies, business owners and joint account holders.
Advantages of ATM Cards:
  1. Immediate withdrawal through ATM machines, accepted by a wide network of traders and shops.
  2. Transfer services from accounts, electricity purchases, and mobile telephone recharge.
  3. Provide additional protection by SMS alert messages upon withdrawal transactions from the card.
  • Everyone aged 18 years and over.
  • Required Documents:
    1. For employees, a letter stating the salary from the employer.
    2. The owners of companies and partnerships should have a Memorandum and article of association Certificate of registration.
    3. Trade License for self-employed persons.

    Ordinary Savings Account

    It is an account for the deposit of cash owners who do not want to profit. It allows the account to conduct operations of cash deposit and withdrawal.

    Features of ordinary savings account:
    1. There is no minimum amount to open the account for an individual
    2. The account is handled by direct ATM cards.
    3. Available to joint account holders.
    4. No Profit paid.
    5. No limit to the number of withdrawals.
  • Age 18 years or over
  • Guardian for minors
  • Required Documents:
    1. A valid national card
    2. Birth certificate for minors.

    Investment Accounts

    Accounts that the owners intended to participate in the investment operations carried out by the bank in order to gain profit.

    Advantages of investment Accounts:
    1. Competitive profit rates
    2. Paying profits monthly on account of annual profits.
    3. Dealing on the account by direct ATM cards.
    4. Unlimited number of withdrawals.
    5. Available to joint and corporate account holders.
  • Age 18 years or over.
  • Guardian for minors
  • Documents Required:
    1. National card for individuals
    2. Certificate of registration for companies and partnerships.
    3. Birth certificate for minors.

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